Aqamarine Lumen Ring


Lumen literally translates as "Light" in Latin. This collection features hand cut gemstones that seem to glow from within which lead to the name.


This one of a kind ring features a domed semi-translucent green/blue natural Aquamarine. The ring has a carved row of triangles in the undercgallery of the ring for a cool design element. Each ring in this collection is really a labor of love about light a,d color. They appear at the same time modern, and ancient/recently unearthed.


Each piece in the Lumen collection is truly a one of a kind little sculpture. I hand finish each stone (after carving the shape), with diamond charged paper of varying grits, giving each gemstone a soft, glowing finish as opposed to the hard, polished shine of a machine and polishing compount finished gemstone. By handcutting and shaping each stone with each gold mounting, there is a seamless transition from gold to stone, and a singular form is revealed which is truly unique. Each gold mounting is also given a hand brushed/matte finish. These stones can be oiled (with any oil or even hand lotion), to increase shine, or cleaned with any gentle soap to give a softer more matte appearance.

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Aquamarine : 17mm long x 13mm wide x  9mm high
14K yellow gold band width : 2mm 
size available : 6.5
*please contact me for sizing options

*please note that because these stones are hand shaped, slight variations in symmetry are to be expected.