Green Tourmaline Rivet Ring

Green Tourmaline Rivet Ring


Each piece in the Rivet collection is truly one of a kind. This ring features a glowing, semi-transparent, bright green tourmailine. I hand finished this stone (after carving the shape), with diamond charged paper of varying grits, giving it a soft, glowing finish as opposed to the hard, polished shine of a machine and polishing compount finished gemstone. Natural inclusions in this stone catch the light and add to the one of a kind character of this piece. It almost looks like candy. The 14k gold mounting has a cool, elongated star shaped base and has been given a hand brushed/matte finish.


This collections name is a hint at the mysterious ways the stones in this collection are set. Each piece in the Rivet Collection features hand cut gemstones that seem to be magically set on different gold settings with charming detals in texture and shape. Some are studded with tiny gold balls and/or sparkling bezel set diamonds.


*This piece is custom and made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Aquamarine : 15mm long x 13mm wide x  10mm high
14K yellow gold band width : 2mm 
*please contact me for sizing options

*please note that because these stones are hand shaped, slight variations in symmetry are to be expected.