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Happy Pill Pendant

Happy Pill Pendant


The Happy Pills are hand crafted in your choice of gemstones, each with metaphysical properties to help guide you through life. Build your perfect Happy Pill by selecting a top and bottom gemstone with based on what you need. What's your Rx?


*Please allow 3-4 weeks for your Happy Pill to ship, as it is made to order. 


24mm x 9mm

18k yellow gold

Carnelian: Courage and Creativity

Black Onyx: Clarity and Healing

Chalcedony: Positivity and Tranquility

Moonstone: New Beginnings and Inner Strength

Rose Quartz: Love and Compassion

Chrysoprase: Healing and Emotional Balance

Rock Crystal: Strength and Emotional Clarity

Pink Opal: Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Aquamarine: Trust & Letting Go

Green Quartz: Empathy & Compassion

Lemon Chrysoprase: Self Love & Passion

Smoky Quartz: Positive Thoughts & Emotional Calmness


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