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Lucky Beans Charm

Lucky Beans Charm


Sea beans were seeds from giant pods found in the Caribbean and North & South America. They drifted across the Atlantic and washed up on the beaches of Europe. 

The outer shell of the bean protected the seed inside from the salt water of the ocean so they were still able to germinate many months later when they washed up in Europe. This ability to germinate after such a long journey led people to believe they were a good luck talisman for fertility and would be given as gifts to couples trying for children.

As the beans were quite rare it was common for local craftsmen to make sea beans, carved from wood or bone, and sell them as lucky talismans. They were made into pendants to be worn as necklaces or beads strung as bracelets. As time went on the beans became symbols of not just fertility but of endurance, growth, new beginnings and longevity.


These lucky beans are hand carved in your choice of carnelian, chalcedony, and pink opal. Make your selection below. 


*This piece is custom and made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please note variations may occur is each piece is hand carved and one of a kind. 

Sold individually

carnelian, chalcedony, or pink opal, 18k yellow gold

3/4" long 

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